Skills in Practice Programme


Over the past 6 months, the MESH team have been working with the Professional Development and Education Unit to develop a simulated scenario.

12 Feb 2016

Adam Smith

Thought I wouldn’t like the simulation but found it more useful and a good learning opportunity.

Band 5 nurse

The scenario forms a part of the comprehensive band 5 nurse education programme run by Clinical Educators Claire Hodgson and Sarah Chappell and Kirstie McEnhill, VitalPac Lead Nurse.

Using the high fidelity SimMan manikin, which is programmed and operated by Adam Smith from the MESH team, the scenario simulates a patient on a ward with a deteriorating condition. The candidates have to assess, record observations, treat the patient and escalate where necessary, as per Trust guidelines and procedures. At the end of the session, candidates are invited to watch the video footage to evaluate performance and offer feedback.

Feedback on the simulation sessions has been positive, with candidates experiencing an increase in confidence with escalating a critically ill patient, using the escalation policy and the Sepsis 6 Care Pathway.

I liked the simulated practice session the most as it gave me an insight into looking after a deteriorating patient.

Band 5 nurse

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