First Year Medical Students

Welcome to Pinderfields Hospital

First year students - Pinderfields

Firstly we would like to welcome you to Pinderfields Hospital, which makes up a part of MidYorkshire NHS Hospital Trust. We hope you enjoy your placement with us and gain an appreciation of how the NHS works.

What is planned for the placement?

During the placement you will be given the opportunity to experience a variety of Clinical settings. The timetable is rotational for six of the eight week placement and you will be working in pairs, coming together in the Education Centre at the end of the morning for a plenary session with your colleagues.

Patient safety is of paramount importance and to reflect this you will spend part of one morning with the Infection Control team learning about the vital role they play in the trust.

Spending the morning with the Physiotherapy Department allows you to gain an appreciation of the dynamics of teams working together to treat patients with their MDT colleagues.

You will be given the opportunity to experience a busy outpatient clinic in the form of the plastic surgery dressing clinic, which is Nurse led with Doctor input as required and you will work in a ward setting as well as switchboard to experience how the Hospital runs on a daily basis.

We will go to a ward to interview patients, finding out about their concerns and how their affects their lives on a day to day basis. Also there maybe an opportunity to shadow either a Ward Clerk or a Ward Sister and observe how Doctors work with allied health professionals to treat and manage patients in Hospitals.

In our final week we will learn about the un-well patient, vital signs, MEWS scores (all will become clearer!) and reflect on what you have experienced. We hope you enjoy your placement at Pinderfields Hospital and make the most of the opportunities presented to you.

Should you have any queries or concerns we are here to help so please come and talk to us!

Thank you,

Fiona Coia

(Clinical Teacher)

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