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Clinical Teaching Excellence Awards 2015-16


16 Mar 2016

Clinical Teaching Excellence Awards 2015-16

The course was designed with lectures, a demonstration, six practical stations and an end of training formative assessment.

The MUST team has achieved early success and over the last six courses, 85% of students were able to perform the procedure independently by the end of the training. Over 95% of the students rated the course as excellent on delivered lectures, demonstrations and scan practice. Students felt that it prepared them for their careers by stating. “Very useful and felt confident by the end of the session.”

Due to the very positive feedback from both the students and the faculty, the Leeds Medical School has extended this programme to all medical students. This overwhelmingly positive feedback also acted as a catalyst to pave the way into integrating ultrasound into the undergraduate curriculum at Leeds Medical School.

Congratulations to the MESH team at Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.