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Physician Associates

This group of practitioners work within a defined scope of practice and limits of competence.

Physician Associates clerk new medical admissions, take medical histories from patients, carry out physical examinations and see patients with undifferentiated diagnoses and long-term chronic conditions. They are also able to formulate differential diagnoses and perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

PAs develop and deliver appropriate treatment and management plans, request and interpret diagnostic studies (except those involving ionising radiation) and also provide health promotion and disease prevention advice for patients. Physician Associates are not able to prescribe, request ionising radiation such as X-rays or CT scans, nor do they provide care or treatments to patients in an unsupervised setting.



  • Foundation
  • Regional


Currently our Physician Associates are involved in

  • 1 Departmental teaching
  • 2 Local faculty teaching
  • 3 Audit and quality improvement projects
  • 4 Regional teaching
Learning Hub


Regional teaching for Physician Associates occurs monthly and rotates around Bradford, Calderdale and Mid Yorkshire.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this is currently taking place on Microsoft Teams. The content of this teaching is geared to covering content that will be examined at the 6 year revalidation examination.

The Learning Hub can only be accessed by Physician Associates within the Yorkshire and Humber region.

Learning Hub

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